Kristia Michael is a soprano and a composer/sound artist from Cyprus. Completed a Bachelor’s Degree in Music Studies at ARTE Music Academy(CY) and a Bachelor’s Degree in Education Sciences- Primary Education at the University of Cyprus. Continued her studies at The Royal Conservatory of The Hague, in the Master’s Program of “New Audiences and Innovative Practice” combining Early and Contemporary Music.

She focuses in Medieval Music repertoire and recently started playing the gothic harp. Collaborated with Utrecht Early Music Festival (NL), the ensemble Ex Silentio (GR) , the First and Second Early Music Festival of Cyprus, «Emma Kirkby’s 70th Birthday Concert» under the guidance of Dame Emma Kirkby, the Festival of European Polyphony (Medieval city of Rhodes) among Marcel Pérès and 24th Axiothea Cultural Festival. She is the founder and artistic director of Sibil•la Ensemble (NL) and Ensemble Cantara (CY).

​Regarding Contemporary Music and composition, her mentors are Noa Frenkel, Natalia Pschenischnikova and Yannis Kyriakides. Performed world premieres by the composers Yannis Kyriakides, Andys Skordis, Andreas Moustoukis, Samir TimajChi, Tasos Stylianou, Georgios Stavrou, Pedro Latas, Amarante Nat and Meriç Artaç. Performed as a soloist in the opera «Argos Sidiros» by Andys Skordis, «The Ugly Duckling» by Pedro Latas and the «LOST&FOUND» mini operas of by Meriç Artaç. Collaborated among others with The National Opera & Ballet (NL), Opera Forward Festival (NL), K3 Tanzplan Hamburg (DE), O. Festival (NL), Cyprus Symphony Orchestra, the Center of Cypriot Composers at the 9th New Music Festival (CY), Arctic Trio Ensemble (NW) , Φ Faos Ensemble (GR), Dom Radio (RU) and MusicAeterna soloists (RU, Teodor Currentzis). Interested in the use of extended techniques , pure sound, folk timbres and performance art.

Recorded for theatres, music theatres, cinematography (Muttertändelei / Marios Mettis), the ballet «Spokes of Venus» by the choreographer Daniel Karasik at Point Park University (Pittsburg, Pennsylvania), for performances by the composer Andreas Moustoukis [«MNEME», for the opening of Dom Radio and «RESURGENCE, for the opening of his residency in MusicAeterna], for the performance «PHRASES» by the composer Andys Skordis and choreographer Venetsiana Kalampaliki and for works with pre-recorded voices by Andys Skordis.

Her own works premiered at EPICENTROOM Festival (RU), SPRING Festival (NL), IMZ International Music + Media Centre (AU), the installation «Elian» at Dom Radio (Sebastian im Traum/ Musicaetrna) and presented at the State Hermitage Museum (RU) as soundtracks for Albrecht Dürer’s exhibition. In 2020 she published the album «Silent Lands», which was composed in collaboration with Andreas Moustoukis.