Ostap Manulyak – ukrainian composer, performer and organiser of different artistic initiatives. Ph.D, docent (assist. prof.) of composition department of the Lviv Music Academy.
Was born in Lviv 1983. Studied composition at the Lviv Music Academy (with prof. Viktor Kaminsky) and also took part in many master-classes of new music leaded by such composers as: Samuel Andreyev (Canada), Carola Bauckholt (Germany), Stefano Gervasoni (Italy), Sergej Newski (Russia-Germany), Serhiy Pilyutikov (Ukraine), Boguslaw Schäffer (Poland), Gerhard Stäbler (Germany) and others.
At 2009 received LODA and Ukrainian Academy of Science Award, at 2010 received the Levko Revutsky award in composition and in 2020 received Mykola Leontovych award in composition.
Twice was a fellow of Gaude Polonia Program. In 2006 he studied composition at Krakow Music Academy with prof. Zbigniew Bujarski. In 2011 worked at Studio of Electroacoustic Music (SME) at Krakow Music Academy and studied electroacoustic music with prof. Marek Choloniewski.
During 2018-19 academic year he was visiting researcher at the Center for Computer Research in Music and Acoustic (CCRMA) of Stanford University (California) as Fulbright fellow.
Ostap Manulyak is a co-founder of Art Association NURT, director of the Festival of electroacoustic music VOX ELECTRONICA and Experimental Educational Studio of Electroacoustic Music (EESEM) of the Lviv Music Academy.