Enrico Francioni graduated in Double bass and Electronic Music at the Conservatory "G. Rossini" in Pesaro (Italy). Among his masters are: for the double bass F.Grillo, E.Laine, F.Petracchi, W.Stert, B.Tommaso and for electronic music E.Giordani, in addition to following the masterclasses by W.Branchi, L.Camilleri, J.Chadabe, J.Chowning, D.Monacchi, A.Petrolati, C.Roads and A.Vidolin.

He performed for the first time (Florence-v.1983 / Berlin-v.2010) and recorded in audio and A/V (v.1983) Fernando Grillo's Suite I (Schott Edition), a work he followed in creative phases in close harmony with the author. As a soloist he has been awarded in various national and international competitions (Stresa, Genoa, Ancona, Fivizzano).

He is the author of instrumental chamber music, musical theater, electronic music, didactics, writing of musical interest and generative code written with Csound for the App SOLO [Nr. 19] dedicated to the homonymous work of K.Stockhausen (app produced by apeSoft).

As a composer he was awarded in national and international competitions: “E. Carella” (Val Tidone-PV, Italy), “Città di Pavia” (Pavia, Italy), AGIMUS (Varenna-LC, Italy), "A.Manoni" (Senigallia-AN, Italy), "Le note ritrovate" (Avellino, Italy), DI_stanze 2013 (Catania, Italy), “Amici della Musica di Cagliari” 2015 (Cagliari, Italy), "Composition Competition Mario Perrucci" (Potenza, Italia).

His works have been selected and performed at: Oeuvre-Ouverte (IMEB, Bourges-France), Festival cinque giornate (CMC, Milano-Italy), FrammentAzioni and Taukay Web Radio (TEM, Udine-Italy), XVII C.I.M. (AIMI-IUAV-LaBiennale, Venezia-Italy), VoxNovus 60x60 and UnTwelveMix, EMUFest (Roma-Italy), ICMC (NYC), BASS2010 (Berlin-Germany), RadioCEMAT (Roma-Italy), Bellagio Festival (Italy), Community Festival of Sound Art (Foligno-Italy), Estudio de Musica Electroacustica (Montevideo-Uruguay), Berklee College of Music (Boston-USA), Acusmatiq 9.0 (Ancona-Italy), Festival di musica contemporanea 2015 (Cagliari-Italy), International Prize for Non-Conventional Score Music Writing (Lucca-Italy), Csound.30 (Maynooth-Ireland), International Csound Conference (Germany - USA - Russia - Uruguay - Italy), BASS2018 (Lucca-Italy), GATM, Festival Villa Solomei (Solomeo-Italy), SIMC - "Scrivere per il futuro", SMC_torino2020, SIIDS_2020 (Madeira-Portugal), Musica Prospettiva (Siena, Italy), Ducal Academy (Potenza, Italy), Festival Expresiones Contemporáneas (Mexico), REF-REsilience Festival 2021 (Foggia-Italy) and others.

He recorded for Dynamic, Agorà, Orfeo, RSI, RAI, Taukay, Edizione Discografica Cappella Sistina, Produzione ROF, eStudio, CdBaby and Agenda.

He devoted himself to teaching for years and was a double bass teacher at the "G. Rossini" Conservatory in Pesaro (Italy).