Zaq is an artist of many mediums, originally from Philadelphia, who is making waves in the New York City music and theater scenes. He/they* hold(s) a Bachelors of Music from Ithaca College in Composition and Voice and often joke(s) about having 'half a Masters' from Boston University. He/they has(ve) had pieces read and premiered by notable artists such as JACK Quartet, the Arditti Quartet, the Atlantic Music Festival Resident Artists and pianist, Andrey Telkov.

Professionally, Zaq is the Music Production Specialist and Theater Arts Director at the Harlem Children's Zone in New York City, where he/they brings music education and immersion to underserved youth. Zaq completed his/their Master of Arts degree from Colorado State University in August of 2020.

*Zaq uses both he and they pronouns.