Garling Wu is an award-winning composer from New Zealand who works in various different audio formats. Her projects include dance and electronics, sound installation, acousmatic pieces and live-performance. Using these forms she explores narrative and story-telling, finding value in weaving together referential and imagined sound worlds.

At the heart of these ideas is her expressive use of computer technology. Within her practice she has innovated novel uses for visual reality tracking systems; programmed interactive sound systems within immersive multi-channel speaker setups; and built installations around the ability to interact with sound and object in highly nuanced ways.

Garling’s work has been performed in the national
Karlheinz Company concert in New Zealand, and been programmed in the International Computer Music Festival in South Korea. Currently her academic research explores how Space is a foundation for electroacoustic music.

Garling completed a Masters in Music with the highest honour in 2019. Currently she is looking for a formative artist opportunity to develop her practice for larger projects, and for exhibition within gallery settings, with particular attention on creating lasting musical works.