Music composer and producer, Bachelor on Sound Comunication at Universidad Iberoamericana (Ciudad de México) - Diploma on photography and Image at EFTI Madrid (2011 a 2012), Diploma on Jazz ensemble and composition at Berklee College of Music (Summer 2010).

Co-founder of IndieMag México, news portal speciallized on México's culture and its music scenes (2008-2010). From 2010 to 2015 he worked as part of the production crew of music festivals as: Vive Latino, Corona Capital, EDC and also worked as the assitant company manager at The Lion King Broadway Musical Madrid production (2012-2013). Founder and director of Caudal, a company dedicated to the production and promotion of musical and cultural activities in Mexico City, with the missión to give new and emerging artists a platform for developing current work making links between different discilplines and media. Director and Founder of GALERA cultural center, a place dedicated to the promotion and production of experimental arts and development of underground culture in Mexico. Producer at OLTA^Teatro, theater company dedicated on creating new plays and adapting classics. Currently have the job of sound designer and producer. Among the projects produced by OLTA^ there is: Clairvoyant - Bettine Mackenzie (2015; Etcetera Theatre, London / C-Venues Edimburg), Pigmalion Zoo - Pablo Fuentes Rivera (2013; Platform theatre/Theatre 503, Londres / C-Venues Edimburg) and Paria de Pablo Fuentes Rivera (2016 Casa Tomada México City and a Second Remake 2019 at GALERA Cultural Center Mexico City). 

CCO and Producer at DRECORDS Music Label. Music Label commited to the construction of a music scene that relies on trust, respect and consciousness. Currently signed 13 artists among them are (Mercedes Nasta, Casa Negra, Shady, The Satanic Gathering, Rubinskee) 

Composer of the Project Suricata,  multi-media electronic music project founded on 2015. Investigating the use of  indegenous etnomusical archive material in sampling to be adapted and re-interpreted in, IDM, techno, house, hiphop, dubstep, experimental and electronic music to search for a new latin american electronic identitity. 

Co-Producer and Composer of  DJ Sobrio (2017) Mexican house music project that links underground cultural moments and icons to the context of a festival and club dancefloor using sampling and performance. 

With both projects have played at many stages like: EDC Mexico 2016 BoomBox, Stage Soul Festival 2018 (Veracruz), Moyn Moyn Festival (Germany) 2018, Festival Solar GNP 2019, Bahidora Festival (DJ Sobrio) 2019, Bravo Festival (2019), Festival Periférias (Madrid) 2019, Mono (Mexico City), Resident at Rhodesia Club Social (Mexico City) 2014-2017, Xaman, Leonor (Mexico City), Millesime 2013 - 2014, Casa Awoly, Departamento, Diente de Leon (Puebla), Pluma de Buho (Tepoztlan), Rhodesia Histórico, In charge of Booking at Candela Romero Hotel St Regis 2013-2016, Ink Studio, Simona Piscina, Dinsmoore, Ex fábrica de Harina.