I began my carrer as a guitarist in Modern School of Music of Chile for subsequently continue studies of Pedagogy in Music. I have developed professionally in the field of education as a secondary and university professor. In the musical field,  I have participated in countless jazz and folklore festivals, creating in 2014 the chilean jazz fusion group "MECHA”.
In the academic field, i have a Master in Latin American musicology from the Alberto Hurtado University of Chile; Master in hispanic music at the University of Valladolid, researching about the “canto a lo divino” and the chilean guitarrón under the guidance of the prominent ethnomusicologist Enrique Cámara de Landa. In 2019, i began doctoral studies in musicology at the University of Valladolid. My musical work stand on three main elements : ethnomusicology, poetry and improvisation. The rescue, documentation and musicological research, product of the work carried out in the field together with the “cantor a lo poeta” recently awarded in Chile as living musical heritage Juan Pérez Ibarra, has allowed me to collect and reconstruct the archives of the Spanish poetic and musical heritage in Chile, unveiling its cultural and creative power. I propose a current approach to the ancient music, assuming the mixture and constant hybridization of identities and territories that permeate musical and artistic languages. Exploring sounds and poetics from traditional music incorporating electronic elements, improvisation and new musical languages, problematizing contemporary themes, for sound art and current musical creation.