Educated both as jazz pianist and contemporary composer, Roman Stolyar melts various styles and genres in his playing – from ancient polyphony to modern counterpoints and clusters. One of key figures in Russian improvised music, he has performed in 25 countries collaborating with a number of internationally renowned improvisers, including Dominic Duval, William Parker, Vinny Golia, Susan Allen, Weasel Walter, Assif Tsahar, Martin Kuchen, Glen Hall, and many others. His improvisational workshops have garnered him an international reputation, and have led to many invitations to create and implement workshops for organizations and universities around the world, including the University of Michigan, Mannes College NY, the California Institute of the Arts, Music Academy Basel, Chateu d’Oex Music School in Switzerland, Frescobaldi State Conservatory in Ferrara, Italy and the Versailles Conservatory, France. He is an author on the first Russian book on teaching free improvisation - “Modern Improvisation: A Practical Guide for Piano”.