Yui Sakagoshi, japanese saxophonist based in Strasbourg, performs with numerous ensembles and in many solo projects. She has a particular interest in the implementation of theatrical elements and electronics in her performances and the works she plays.

She obtained her bachelor of music from Osaka College of Music in 2012, under the guidance of Asako Inoue, then moving to France she followed the class of Jérôme Laran for 3 years, then she has earn masters degree in Musical Interpretation at the Haute École des arts du Rhin (HEAR/Strasbourg) with Philippe Geiss in 2017.

Although her personal and academic research (highly esteemed by the University of Strasbourg) focuses in contemporary theatrical music, she develops her musical projects on several levels, like live electronics, musical gesture, body gesture, voice, movement in  music, in collaboration with composers, performing already written and choreographed pieces, and also creating herself theater and music for the performer.

Her activity as a musician is large and dynamic - she is a member of the quintet “Ensemble Intercolor” (Cymbalum, Violin, Accordion, Saxophone and Clarinet that covers a wide variety of aesthetics, from early music to contemporary music), Ra+ (Voice, Saxophone and Percussion), Ensemble de Saxophones de Strasbourg and Sore Yure (Duo Saxophone & Clarinet). International player, Yui has participated in many festivals, saxophone congress and contemporary music events, such as Saxopen (2015), Portrait - Jean-Claude Risset (2016), Festival Musica (Strasbourg 2015 & 2017), Stockhausen Academy (Kürten 2017), World Saxophone Congress (Zagreb 2018), Hommage à Jean-Claude Risset (Paris 2018), IMPULS Academy (Graz 2019)