Taline Temizian (b. 1978, USA) practices a transhumanist perspective on memory and trauma by investigating the different modes through which neurological activity contributes to lived experience. Temizian works to depict a place of memory situated between a state of mind and physical reality, manifesting complexed networks comprised of scientific methodologies, conceptual discourses and personal narratives. Employing multiple processes and media, Temizian presents raw yet technically intricate objects and installations that produce bold sensory and emotional experiences. Interrogating the transhumanist promise of eternal and idyllic life through science and technology, Temizian applies an artist and poet’s touch to these vocabularies in order to reformat connections between personal history, physical and metaphysical conceptions of humanity. Currently based between London and Brussels, Temizian’s practice often sees her collaborating with philosophers, scientists, technologists and filmmakers in pursuit of her creative goals.

She studied Coding & design at Ravensbourne, Graduate Certificate in Visual communication at LCC and Diploma studies at Esmod, a BA degree in Literature, humanities & Linguistic sciences. Her work is featured on multiple platforms such as Artsy, Artandonly and project spaces as well as collectives and group shows internationally in Europe, the US and the Middle East, upcoming group show at MACO museum in Mexico, past shows at the Basel Historic museum,a new media installation with the BOZAR, the CCA Montreal, and side shows during Venice Biennale and other shows and project spaces.

Taline’s work is held internationally in private and public collections.