I am a versatile, intenationally active composer, winner of several awards and stipends in composition. Taken in account that I finished medicine prior to starting my musical career, it is evident why my music posesses the unusual mixture of natural and social phenomena, mathematical curves, algorithms and electronics. I obtained my degrees in composition in Graz and Stuttgart, after which I finished practical training in electronic composition at Ircam in Paris. My pieces have been performed by ensembles such as Modern, Recherche, Intercontemporain, Secession Orchestra, Klangforum, Talea and many others, in concerts and festivals such as Impuls, MATA, Manifeste, Biennale Zagreb, etc. In 2014 I started Novalis, contemporary music festival in Croatia. Currently I live in the US, where I'm doing my PhD in composition with Brian Ferneyhough at Stanford University.

I am intrigued by the way that modern media influence our thinking process and perception of the surroundings! How should we build the image of our reality, when it's based on a plentitude of shallow, often useless virtual information? I believe that the nominal pluralism of the society we live in, which should be liberting, actually facilitates identity crisis. The ever-growing discrepancy between the exorbitant quantities of incoming information vs. scarce amount of time to digest or/and implement these informations results in general reluctance to reveal emotions or personal opinions. How are we to show, explain or express what we want, when we often don't really know what to think!?