Clarice Rarity is a London violinist that is dedicated to learning and performing contemporary classical repertoire. Currently pushing her solo performance under the guidance of Irvine Arditti, and Clemens Merkel she regularly tackles some of the most challenging pieces in the modern repertoire such as pieces by Boulez, Cage, Xenakis and Nono. Leading the Royal College of Music contemporary music ensemble ‘new perspectives’ she has gone on to perform with Birmingham Contemporary Music Group, and been a guest performer for the IEMA ensemble 2017. Solo and chamber performances at Impuls Festival academy have broadened her repertoire and has sparked a real passion for exploring the interpretation of different compositional methods and further violin techniques. Chamber repertoire has this past year has featured Ades, Cage, Boulez, Puumala, Finissey, Nancarrow, Sciarrino, Furrer, Lindberg, Bedrossian, Czernowin amongst many others. Collaborating with young emerging composers is also a real passion and has lead her to working with some of the most exciting young composers in the UK, including Oliver Leith, Piyawat Louilappraeserta, Mauricio Pauly, Lauri Supponen and Laurence Osborn. She has played as a guest performer with Ensemble XY and Filthy Lucre, and other up and coming ensembles and concert series in the UK such as Non-classical and Kammer Klang. Clarice developed her love of 20th century modern repertoire from an early age and with her school piano quartet, won the Pro-corda International Chamber Competition playing William Walton.