Fede Camara Halac studied music composition at the National University of Cordoba, Argentina. He is a PhD Candidate in music composition at New York University (GSAS) with Dr. Jaime Oliver La Rosa and Dr. Elizabeth Hoffman. His research focuses on Database Multimedia Composition. His work is available at http://fdch.github.io/tv

My research on Database Multimedia Composition consists of using databases and algorithm logics to create a multithreaded audio-visual canvas in which the work is a dialog between the acting agents in its process. That is to say that images, sounds, texts, sets of rules, sets of interconnections, all of these elements, together with their creators –human or non-human–, go through a process of combination, reconfiguration and feedback, resulting in a multilayered experience. I situate database multimedia composition in relation to the broader fields of database aesthetics and music composition. I am currently working on a model for the generation of new compositions out of a database of multimedia elements. This model is implemented as an open-source software library in Pure Data, for computer assisted multimedia composition.