My name is Anna; I was born on the 2nd of September 1995 in Lodz, Poland.

My passion for music officially started on my first birthday when I touched the piano keyboard for the first time, but I guess that I only brought my love for music from my previous incarnation (if one believes in such things - personally, I have a neutral approach to the whole concept of reincarnation) and God blessed me with a few beautiful skills and gifts for which I am grateful.

I've always wanted to learn about music as much as it's possible. To be an all-in-one musician who one day could joyously join the group of amazingly talented people and make a positive impact in this world.

Although I have accomplished a few things in my life I am mostly grateful for how my personality was shaped as an effect of my constant musical explorations and deep curiosity for life that was pushing me only forward, and I made a huge transformation both as an artist and as a person since 2014, when I moved to the UK.

Apart from doing music, I also discovered myself as a visual artist quite recently and that's pretty funny to say, but I don't see this part being separated from music - I generally think that the more I explore other artistic fields, the better I become as a musician (one of my current goals is to take a PADI Scuba Diving course and... learn contact juggling!).