Apr 12, 2019

ULYSSES Platform is making life easier for a call organizer

“The call tool was a great innovation for us” - experiences from a call organizer

Jeanne Ribeau from the Orchestre national d’Île-de-France has used the ULYSSES Platform call tool to organize several calls during the last years. The last two ones were the Assistant Conductor Competition and the Île de Créations Composition Competition. We talked to her about her experiences in organizing the whole process of a call via the platform call tool.


Jeanne Ribeau

 Jeanne Ribeau, Orchestre national d’Île-de-France

“From the organizer’s point of view it was very important to make the conductor call via the ULYSSES call tool. This was the third edition of the competition, and the two first times we shared all documents and videos by email. It was really difficult to process them and communicate among the jury members. This time we had about 200 applications, which created a great amount to be read and shared with a jury. In the selection committee we had three jury members, who live in different countries, in different continents, and they also travel a lot. In addition there were three musical directors of the orchestra who followed the application process. The call tool was a great innovation for us, eased the work and helped the communication between the jury members and those who manage the calls.

I think using the tool is pretty easy now after some experience. At first the ULYSSES Platform was a bit difficult to manage and find information, but updates and recent developments have made it much simpler. I was also very happy with the technical assistance I’ve received from the platform and the team behind it.

Besides the call, I use the platform to share news and information, check news and dates of concerts, and other calls to know what is happening. I also sometimes check the profiles of musicians or composers who are members on the platform. The ULYSSES platform is a very good place to reach composers. It is a great link among its members and it is easy to share information for them. In the future we hope to use the ULYSSES platform for further competitions. We have a lot of calls or competitions for musicians also, and I am handling a lot of applications coming by mail or email for other projects. All this would be much easier to do with the call tool.”

The ULYSSES Platform call tool is designed especially for the needs of music call organizers.
It provides a dedicated interface to manage the whole application process from start to finish. Call organizers benefit from:

  • A custom-made online application form, to suit all their needs, rules and specificities of their call,
  • Access to all the received applications, compiled and listed in one online space without congesting their mailboxes,
  • A common interface shared with the members of the jury for an online assessment of the candidates.

As a result of new developments motivated by detailed user feedback from the past years, the call tool is easy to use for applicants and jury members. The call organizers are introduced to their user interface by the ULYSSES Platform team and can then manage autonomously the entire call information any time. Technical assistance is available at every step, also for the applicants who will be able to participate to the call after creating their profile on the ULYSSES platform.

Fee for using the call tool is 750 € (+20% VAT) for the first call, including all the above mentioned, introduction to the platform and technical assistance. For the next calls by the same organizer the fee is 250 € (+20% VAT) per call.

Organizing a call for applications has never been easier!
Curious to lean more and to try the call tool for your next call or competition? The ULYSSES Platform team is ready to answer your questions!