Around Chaconne "Through the Ages" | Concert lecture with Piercarlo Sacco Violin

Sat Dec 9 at 05PM to Sat Dec 9 at 07PM
MO.CA - Centro per le nuove culture, Brescia (Italy)
Free Entrance
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Heinrich Ignaz Franz Biber
Passagalia for solo violin (1670)

Béla Bartòk
Tempo di Ciaccona from Sonata for solo violin (1944)

Rouzbeh Rafie
Chaconne for solo violin (2019)

Johann Sebastian Bach
Chaconne from Partita II BWV 1004 for solo violin (1720)

The programme of the concert in lecture form ranges from the Baroque period in the opening, and continues with Béla Bartòk's Chaconne Tempo from the Sonata for solo violin, counted among the masterpieces of the early historical 20th century, to continue with the Chaconne for solo violin by the already established composer Rouzbeh Rafie composed in 2019. Completing the programme is the Chaconne from Johan Sebastian Bach's Second Partita for solo violin, which highlights the programmatic path and how much this musical form has characterised and inspired composers throughout the centuries.

Salotto in Prova in collaborazione con
Fondazione Luigi Piseri
Contemporary Classical Music