Algorithmic Composition with Max/MSP and OpenMusic (Virtual)

Mon Jun 20 to Fri Jun 24
CCRMA Stanford Center for Computer Research in Music and Acoustics, Stanford (United States)
$300 USD
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For centuries composers, artists, and engineers have used algorithms to enhance their work and workflow. Nowadays implementing such concepts are made more readily available with softwares like Max/MSP, OpenMusic and many others. In this workshop we will be investigating how simple algorithmic models (fractal geometry, machine learning, concatenative synthesis, statistics, graphical interpolation, etc.) can provide intriguing sonic result (across all genres: video game music, EDM, noise music, installations, and more).

Daily tutorials will focus on various musical parameters. The ultimate goal is that participants develop their best work over the week into a short project/song that uses one or several of the models that we discuss during the workshop. Our hope is to show that working with algorithms in not only useful for schematic problem solving, but can also be a good tool for expanding musical and creative thinking.
Instructors: Andrew Watts; Davor Vincze
composition class
electronic music