MERIDIAN International Festival | 16th edition PLANETARIUM

Sun Nov 7 to Sun Nov 14
București (Romania)
MERIDIAN International Festival | Bucharest | Timişoara | Cluj-Napoca | Online/Live

The 16th edition of MERIDIAN International Festival will take place in a format adapted to the present pandemic situation in Romania: all events will be broadcasted online (through pre-recordings or live streaming), the organizers also keeping the possibility of having live audiences for the live streamed concerts, if the sanitary norms will permit it.

For 2021, the proposed theme is PLANETARIUM – exploring the infinite sonic cosmos of human imagination, as well as paying homage to the great musicians that contributed to the affirmation of Romanian avantgarde music scene. Each concert is organized after the model of an imaginary celestial body: TERRA INCOGNITA, PRO-PHILIA, CALEA ARHEE, POLARIS, INTERSONAR, OMBRA, METAMORPHIA or SHOOTING STAR.

The Union of Romanian Composers and Musicologists (UCMR)
The ISCM Romanian Section

Cultural project funded by the Ministry of Culture
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