World 2020

Musicaround Call for Scores


Submission period

Tue Aug 4 at 4 AM UTC

End of submission period

Mon Aug 31 at 10:59 PM UTC

Results date

Mon Nov 30 at 5 PM UTC

Entry or Course Fee

Participation fee 10 € per work
Musicaround - an organisation for the spreading of vocal music - launches a Call for Score aimed at the composition of songs for female vocal quartet (SSAA), on new or already-existing texts in any European language, inspired by the changes that the entire world is facing since March 2020.

An invite to reflect on the dynamics that we are all living, towards a greater awareness on the fact that we are all being part of the same community.

Seid umschlungen, Millionen!
Diesem Kuß der ganzen Welt!

A symbolic hug, but one of deep meaning, wants to accompany this project, which will call on composers from everywhere in Europe to mark their own path, on which they will take brave steps towards a renewed awareness of the present reality, the history, and of being in the world today.

The key to look at today’s reality, which often pushes us far from each other and brings us away from reason; to find one’s humanity, to embrace our hesitations and to keep asking ourselves questions without accepting easy answers.

A glimpse without rhetoric, on themes related to:
Nature in the civilised context
The passing of time, the rhythms of days
Intimacy with the self
The lack of something
Communication, relationship, contact
The loneliness of death
Community, borders, enclosed space

The selected compositions will be awarded with the first execution by Ensemble Cleantha, in a concert planned in the 6th edition of the season of concerts La Voce e il Tempo (2020-21)
(, Voce e il Tempo Genova).

1. Composers of all ages and nationality are welcome.
2. Compositions need to be between 2 and 8 minutes long. Composers may submit as many scores as they wish, but each work should be submitted as a separate entry and will require a separate fee (suites of two/three pieces are considered one composition as long as they don’t exceed 8 minutes).
3. To sign up you need to pay through PayPal.Me/musicaround or through a bank transfer (10 Euros) to IBAN: IT92T0501801400000016886533 to Association Musicaround, with payment description “Call World 2020” and your own last name.
4. Every composition needs to be separately sent in PDF format to and, with the PDF, doc, odt, txt attached. You should also indicate:
- composer’s first and last name, nationality, contact information
- brief biography
- title and text of the composition, with the name of the author
5. Terms: compositions need to be sent in by 23:59 of August 31st, 2020.
6. Compositions will be evaluated by an international committee based on the following criteria;
- Coherency of text and music
- How singable the piece is
- Originality
The result will be announced on our website and on our social media platforms. The first three compositions to be selected will be executed in premiere and the authors will be invited to participate in the event live or - if that was not possible - through video call.

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