The Winds Composition Contest Saxony


Submission period

Mon Jul 11 at 04AM UTC

End of submission period

Thu Sep 15 at 09:59PM UTC

Results date

Mon Oct 31 at 05PM UTC

Entry or Course Fee

Entry fee 50 € for the first score, reduced prices for the following
The Winds Composition Contest Saxony (WCCS) is an international composition competition for wind music organised by the Dresdner Bläserphilharmonie e.V. in cooperation with the association SHE LIVES. Composers can submit their works, which represent at least a wind trio up to a maximum of a large symphonic wind orchestra, until 15th September 2022. A prestigious jury will decide on the winners, who will be announced in an online ceremony in October. In addition, works will be selected from all the diverse compositions handed in, which the Dresden Philharmonic Wind Orchestra will perform in both large and smaller ensembles throughout the 2023 concerts. The composition competition and the performances of the works will focus on the rich variety of wind music. The first edition of the contest takes place in 2022.

The competition is open to all composers alive and of all ages and nationalities without restrictions of gender, ideas, religious affiliation etc.

Franco Cesarini, composer, president of the jury (Switzerland)
Alessio Elia, composer (Italy / Hungary)
Andrea Barizza, conductor (Italy / Germany)

1 score: 50 €
2 scores: 80 €
3 scores: 100 €
4 scores: 120 €
5 scores: 140 €


The three winners shall receive the following prizes at an online award ceremony on 27 October 2022:

1st prize: 800 €
2nd prize: 500 €
3rd prize: 200 €

Prizes can be doubled, should the average score exceed:

for the first prize 9 points out of 10
for the second prize 8.5 out of 10
for the third prize 8 out of 10

Details are available at web pages: