The contemporary flute repertoire

August 13 - 18, 2019


Submission period

Mon Apr 15 at 8 AM UTC

End of submission period

Sat Jun 1 at 2 PM UTC

Results date

Sat Jun 15 at 2 PM UTC




Mario Caroli flutist

Mario Caroli begun his musical training at the age of 14 and got his soloist diploma at the age of 19. He studied with Annamaria Morini in Bologna and Manuela Wiesler in Vienna. At the age of 22, he won in Darmstadt the coveted Kranichsteiner International Prize and started a very highly successful career as a solo flutist.
His activity starts, as a logical prosecution of the Prize of Darmstadt, as an advocate of contemporary music: his fame has grown very fast and he quickly became the preferred interpreters of the many of the biggest living composers. Salvatore Sciarrino, György Kurtag, Doina Rotaru, Toshio Hosokawa, Ivan Fedele, Olga Neuwirth, Philippe Hurel, Wolfgang Rihm, Francesco Filidei Stefano Gervasoni, Marco Stroppa, Joji Yuasa, Kaija Saariaho and many others wrote for him some beautiful soloflute works as well as new flute concertos, which contribute to wide the flute litterature.


6 flutists (M/F)


The training given by Mario Caroli focuses on the flute solo repertory of the 20th and 21st century. It tackles extensive technique, style, interpretation. The key works of the repertoire will be analyzed and deepened, especially the repertoire of Mario, allowing the work done by him with the masters is perpetuated.


Online application on the Ulysses platform

Selection upon application material
• Biography
• CV (résumé)
• Letter of application
• Photo
• Audio or video recording of a contemporary work (solo or not)
• List of contemporary repertory already performed
• Wish list of repertory to be performed

Apply before: 1st June 2019


from 13 to 18 August 2019
6 days

Public presentation
Fenêtre sur cour[s] on 18 August 2019 at 18:00

Tuition charges

The financial participation charged to students consists of:
- registration (150 €)
- membership of the Association des amis de Royaumont (15 €)
- access to the François Lang Music Library (12 €)
- a contribution to accommodation expenses
Tuition possibilities according to your situation are detailed below (Tuition possibilities).

The Fondation Royaumont covers:
- all subsistence expenses (accommodation, meals) and pedagogical costs (teaching) for the entire duration of the course (except specific case)
- transfer costs from Viarmes train station to the abbey (round trip)

The participant takes on his own:
- travel expenses (round trip) from his place of residence to Viarmes train station
- musical scores 

Tuition possibilities

Intermittent du spectacle:
for intermittents du spectacle (short-term contract workers in the music industry): by AFDAS if you fulfil the following conditions: two years of activity, 48 fee units (jours) in France, justified by Congés Spectacles certificates and payslips;

Procedure :
1. As soon as you are selected by the Fondation Royaumont, you check that you are a AFDAS beneficiary and inform the Fondation
2. The Fondation Royaumont sends you a quotation, the presentation of the training and the AFDAS tuition form completed by Royaumont
3. You fill the AFDAS tuition form and gather the files requested by AFDAS
4. You send your tuition form to AFDAS no later than 4 weeks before the first day of training
5. You and the Fondation Royaumont receive the AFDAS answer
If you are eligible for any of the above aids, you will pay only the registration fee, a total amount of 177 €.

Salaried employee:
for salaried employees (full- or part-time): check with your employer its training programme;
If you are eligible for any of the above aids, you will pay only the registration fee, a total amount of 177 €.

for jobseekers: consult the local branch of Pôle Emploi;
If you are eligible for the above aid, you will pay only the registration fee, a total amount of 177 €.


The Association des amis de Royaumont scholarships 2019
- to instrumentalists born after 1 January 1994
- to singers born after 1st January 1991
- to choregrapher or composer born after 1st January 1987
The Association des amis de Royaumont awards scholarships who do not yet have a regular professional activity and whose situation meets the age limits detailed above, on artistic potential and financial situation.
These awards are decided by board meetings of the Association on the basis of written dossiers (CV [résumé] and letter of application).
If you are eligible for the above aid, you will pay only the registration fee, a total amount of 177 €.

Participants ineligible for any other form of financial aid will pay registration fees, membership to the Amis de Royaumont, access to the library and part of the accomodation fees, ie a total of 237 €, whereas the Fondation covers complementary cost of training.