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Submission period

Sun Jul 14 at 4 AM UTC

End of submission period

Fri Aug 30 at 10:59 PM UTC

Results date

Mon Sep 30 at 4 PM UTC
For its 2nd edition, which will take place the 12th and 13th of october in Marseille (France), Technomancie is looking for electroacoustic, radiophonic or sound-art related composition exploring the theme of new digital territories decolonization.

The stakes of new human colonies are no longer located in the cosmos or in the deep deposit of lands and oceans.
It is today in the cracks of technological territories (cyberspace, network games, social media, augmented reality) where global companies and startups shape the world of tomorrow to the image of a portfolio of shares.
For its next edition of Technomancie, the artists collective deletere ( want to open up this problematic by associating other artists to this reflection.

This problematic will be addressed following 6 topics:
- Techno-surveillance
- Popular internet against dominant social network
- Free media and post-truth
- Gender and dictatorship of the bodies in the media
- Ecocides provoked by new technologies
- Decolonisation of the radio spectrum - The stakes of the DIY practice.

Technomancie :
Between dystopic fiction and altered reality, this event ambitioned to position itself as an observatory of the parallel universes generated by the manipulation of digital tools. Astral plane, hyperspaces, multiverses, microverses intersect in artist’s’ visual and audio proposal gathered by the collective deletere.

The selected pieces will be played during Tecnomancie (the october 12th and 13th 2019) by one of our performers on the Brane Project’s acousmonium. (

The proposed works must concur with the following terms:
– Only fixed work will be consider (acousmatic, concrete music, radio art, sound installation). No real time or mixed music.
– Composer and artists can propose up to 2 different works, with a maximum duration of 20 minutes each.
- Recording format: stereo, quadraphonic, octophonic, …
In the case of multitrack submission, please provide us with a stereo version for the selection process. Please contact us for multitrack format superior to 8 tracks.

- Each proposition must be accompanied by a descriptive note (max. 10 lines) and a biography (max. 10 lines) before August 31th 2019 by mail with WeTransfer link to:

Contact page: