MANIFESTE-2023 Improvisation Voice & Electronics

Valérie Philippin


Submission period

Tue Oct 4 at 08AM UTC

End of submission period

Wed Jan 18, 2023 at 09AM UTC

Results date

Wed Mar 1, 2023 at 03PM UTC

Entry or Course Fee



Singers born after January 1, 1991


ManiFeste, the IRCAM multidisciplinary festival and academy, is a gathering of creative artists in Paris, combining music with other disciplines: theater, dance, digital arts, and visual arts. The academy welcomes and trains many young composers, performers, and listeners from all over the world to benefit from our large-scale artistic and technological environment and a large public audience during the workshops. More details on

The interpretation master classes associate 20th century repertoire and more recent creations in a desire to go beyond historical specializations. They also offer students special access to some of the most important works of mixed music, where the dimension of sound projection is an integral part of the performance

Educational Advisors: Valérie Philippin (singer), Jean Lochard (IRCAM computer music designer/teacher), Mikhail Malt (IRCAM researcher/teacher)

This workshop is intended for singers, opera artists, and vocal performers who wish to learn both contemporary vocal languages and computer music skills in a voice/electronics duo improvisation situation. Alternating between the roles of singer/improviser and electronic performer, students will acquire skills in both areas. The workshop will help them expand their vocal language, their knowledge of the sonic universes explored by electronics, and their creativity through sound exploration and spontaneous composition. The contribution of improvisation supports such as texts (from published authors or from personal sources), graphics, video (for simple broadcasting), or others are welcome during the work sessions. Valérie Philippin will also propose resources.

The workshop will end with a final concert during the ManiFeste festival, open to the public.


Applicants must:
- be born after January 1, 1991
- not have participated twice before in another ManiFeste Academy workshop
- be able to speak and understand English or French

Apply online on ULYSSES Platform
Applications accepted beginning Tuesday, October 4, 2022
Deadline for applications Wednesday, January 18, 10:00 am CEST
Response sent by email Wednesday March 1, 2023

To apply, you must create an account (or use an existing account) on the ULYSSES platform, complete your profile and click on "Apply" from the "MANIFESTE-2023 Voice & Electronics" call page, then:

• fill in personal information (name, first name, sex, age, nationality, ID with date of birth, address, cell phone number, face photo that may be used by Ircam for access badges and online photo albums)
• write a short biography (800 characters MAXIMUM) which may be used by IRCAM for concert programs
• write a short CV (1 page maximum, pdf)
• write a letter of motivation explaining why you wish to participate in the master class
• present a video (YouTube link or mp4 file) in which you briefly introduce yourself in French or English
• present 3 recent performances:
   - video (YouTube link or mp4 file) where you perform a 20th or 21st century solo or solo work of "contemporary language". Please attach the pdf score *.
   - a video (YouTube link or mp4 file) of you performing a "classical" solo or soloist work (before 1920). Please attach the pdf score *.
   - a video (YouTube link or mp4 file) where you perform an improvised work in solo or in group.

* If you do not come from a classical background, please provide two videos of works of different aesthetics—with or without score—and one video of an improvised work.


The jury will be composed of the singer Valérie Philippin.


Successful applicants must, under penalty of cancellation of their participation:
• pay their registration fees no later than Tuesday, March 14, 2023.
• participate in an online work session with Valérie Philippin and the IRCAM team during March or April 2023.
• attend all the rehearsals and classes given as part of the master class.

Candidates who do not respect the conditions established by the teaching team, or who are absent during the work session or the master class, even partially, will automatically have their participation revoked without possibility of appeal and without reimbursement of their registration fees.

Registration fee: 300€
The Academy does not offer any scholarships. The Academy does not cover any expenses incurred for travel or accommodation. Participants must find their own accommodation.

Registration fees will be refunded if the academy is cancelled due to COVID-19 related measures. However, disruptions in transportation, health recommendations and quarantine, confinement or testing requirements will be the responsibility of the applicant, who is responsible for making arrangements to attend in accordance with COVID-19 measures, both in his or her home country and upon arrival in France. 

For any request regarding the workshop or the application, please contact academy (at)
For technical assistance, please have a look to the help page or contact technical.assistance (at)

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