Composition and Live Electronics Collaborative Workshop


Submission period

Tue Mar 3 at 5 AM UTC

End of submission period

Wed Jun 10 at 10:59 PM UTC

Results date

Tue Jun 30 at 4 PM UTC
Stefano Gervasoni & Marco Liuni
August 17-24

The atelier will take place in Livorno from August 17 to 24, 2020. A final concert will be held on August 24 in the program for the tenth edition of the Livorno Music Festival.

The activities are divided into collective courses (composition, computer music, sound recording and diffusion techniques) and individual meetings, which take the form of a composition workshop with electronics.

The final event includes a unique musical creation, of which each participant creates a section autonomously. During the realization of the projects, the students share the tasks of computer music design and sound projection, in addition to the musical direction of the interpreters.

The musical material is defined autonomously by the selected candidates, prior to the atelier.

Candidates elaborate a first draft of the score and project proposal for submission. Once the project is approved, the candidates complete the score before the atelier. The week of meetings with teachers and musicians in Livorno will serve to perfect the final version. The electronic part is based on materials (vocal, instrumental, environmental) selected by the students; new materials will also be created during the atelier. The final work takes the form of an instrumental or electroacoustic piece, diffused through the device described in the Artistic Projects section.

Artistic projects - The theme of water

Each student works on an original artistic project, inspired by the natural element of water. The atelier's proposal is to enrich the musical project with a transparent use of electronics, respecting and fusing with the sound environment and instruments. The concert will include a binaural diffusion system through bone conduction headphones, exclusively reserved for electronic materials, while the instruments will be projected with no amplification: the public is invited to live an augmented acoustic reality experience, wearing headphones that do not close the ear canal, and that allow to naturally hear the surrounding sounds together with those coming from the headphones. An ecological approach to augmented reality, in line with the inspiring motifs of Livorno Music Festival.

Participants may choose their instrumentation among:

-Voice and instrument(s)
-Voice and electronics
-Instrument(s) and electronics

Projects are selected on the basis of two main criteria:

-Original reflection on the relationship between sound and nature
-Quality and originality of the musical idea

For the electronic part, it is required to send audio tracks in relation to the proposal. This material is required for selection purposes, and will serve as a basis for personal and collective work during the atelier. However, the materials sent will not necessarily be used for the final concert.

Instrumentation available:

Female Voice (“Soprano leggero”)

Registration fee: 95 €
Participation fee: 350 €

Details are available at web pages: