Incubating 003

Call for composers


Submission period

Fri Apr 26 at 6:15 AM UTC

End of submission period

Sat Jun 1 at 2:59 PM UTC

Results date

Sat Jun 15 at 4 PM UTC
INCUBATING 003 - Call for Composers

‘Incubating’ is a semi-residency program, which aims to be an experimental platform for diversifying new music, giving an opportunity for various artists to collaborate and develop their works. Since its successful launching in 2017, Arts Incubator proudly launches its third Incubating program on November 25th - 28th, 2019 at Seoul, South Korea.

Any composers are eligible to apply regardless of age, gender, nationality.

June 1, 2019 11:59 PM (UTC/GMT +9)
Selected composers will be announced in early June 2019.

1. Representative work in any instrumentation. (Score and sound recording are required)
2. Additional portfolio. (Portfolio should be uploaded to platforms such as Google Drive, Dropbox, YouTube, SoundCloud, etc., or on any personal hosting space)
3. Short biography.
4. A short proposal of new work with ENSEMBLE MISE-EN.

1) Collaborative Program with ENSEMBLE MISE-EN
Selected composers will have an intensive collaborative program with ENSEMBLE MISE-EN. This program includes 3 rehearsals and a premiere concert. The premiere concert will be recorded, and composers will receive audio and video recordings.
New work can be solo or chamber ensemble piece within any combination of the following instruments. Works with electronics are welcome.
- Flute (doubling piccolo, alto flute, and bass flute)
- Clarinet (doubling bass clarinet)
- Percussion (TBD)
- Piano
- Violin
- Cello
- Conductor
* Selected composers are expected to deliver a final score and parts before October 1st, 2019

2) Networking Program with Oil Tank Culture Park
This networking program will present by Arts Incubator and the venue, Oil Tank Culture Park. Selected composers will participate in the open seminar and networking party with local artists, organizers, music critics and etc. This program is the most important and also interesting part of our project.

3) Workshop Program with Ensemble PHASE
This workshop program will introduce Korean traditional instruments to participating composers. Ensemble PHASE will share their professional knowledge and information about Korean instruments.

There is no application fee.

We will provide accommodations for every participant during the program.




ENSEMBLE MISE-EN is a New York-based contemporary music collective led by composer Moon Young HA. As a collective, the multi-national personnel has coalesced around a real aesthetic agenda, crystallized in the name mise-en: “mee”, in Korean, means “beauty”, and “zahn”, “to decorate”, and the group unabashedly promotes “beautiful” artwork to increasingly diverse audiences of contemporary sounds.

Oil Tank Culture Park
Jeungsan-ro 87, Mapo-gu, Seoul, S.Korea
The Oil Tank Culture Park is a park and cultural complex located in Mapo-gu, Seoul. The park was originally an oil depot. The Seoul Metropolitan Government decided to transform the park into a public space in order to preserve this historically significant site while raising awareness of sustainability and urban regeneration. 6 oil reservoir tanks remain on site and they have been transformed into performance venues, exhibition halls, and learning spaces. The general public can enjoy cultural events, community activities, and much more at the Oil Tank Culture Park.

Ensemble PHASE
Ensemble PHASE is a group of musicians with a long-time passion for experimental projects, creating and performing new repertoires through experimentation on Korean instruments with various musical materials and artistic forms. ensemble PHASE has been actively performing traditional and contemporary repertoires, collaborating with living composers and performers from diverse musical backgrounds. Also, in order to expand interest in writing for Korean instruments, ensemble PHASE has given workshops and lectures for composers and students to better understand Korean music and instruments, in and out of Korea. Since 2017, ensemble PHASE’s projects have been sponsored by the City of Seoul, Seoul Foundation of Arts and Culture, Art Council Korea, National Gugak Center, and Studio Paju.

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