The Fontainebleau Schools for Music and Fine Arts Composition Program 2023


Submission period

Wed Jan 4 at 05AM UTC

End of submission period

Thu Feb 2 at 04:59AM UTC

Results date

Tue Feb 28 at 05PM UTC

Entry or Course Fee

$75 application fee, $4000 course fee, scholarships available
The Fontainebleau Schools offer a unique summer program for both musicians (string players, pianists and composers) and architects. Set in the magnificent chateau and town of Fontainebleau, about 40 miles southeast of Paris, the program has a rich tradition dating back to its inception in 1921. The music conservatory offers individual study and chamber music.

The music program is for advanced students ages 18-30, but particularly those currently enrolled in undergraduate or graduate music school programs. The program includes performing opportunities including recitals and concerts. A special collaboration with the Fine Arts students, performed at the end of the summer session, celebrates the unique combination of the two schools.

-The summer session runs Sunday, July 2 to Sunday morning, July 30, 2023. Students arrive in Paris on Sunday morning, July 2. Students will depart from Fontainebleau on Sunday morning, July 30.
-Enrollment is limited to 33.
-Courses are taught in English.
-Cost for the session is $4000 and includes tuition, room and weekday meals. PLEASE NOTE: Thanks to generous supporters, all students receive generous financial aid upon acceptance. Students, however, are required to pay a $500 non-refundable confirmation fee to hold their place in the program.

Composition Program

Composers selected for the composition program will enjoy one-to-one lessons with resident composers Allain Gaussin and François Paris. This year, guest composer Philippe Leroux will give a lecture about his music, and each student will get to present his/her work to him, and receive direct feedback. Composers will also be attending instrumental workshops with new-music specialists Sophie Deshayes (flute, Ensemble Sillages, United instruments of Lucilin) and Jens McManama (horn, Ensemble intercontemporain). Composers will also receive an intensive harmony training by Isabelle Duha.

The selected composers will be asked to write a new piece to be performed by the instrumental students of the Fontainebleau Schools. The piece should last about 8 to 10 minutes and will be scored for 2 to 5 instruments among the available performers (violin, viola, cello, piano, soprano and tenor). After their selection, the composers will be given a list of possible instrumentations and will choose their favourite among them. The pieces will be rehearsed and coached by new music specialists such as members of the Ensemble intercontemporain John Stulz, Sébastien Vichard and Jens McManama. The pieces will be premiered in the frame of the Ravel Competition, and all participants will be given a recording of their piece. A jury will vote for their favourite piece and the selected composer will receive a commission for a new piece, to be premiered the year after.

Other activities of the program include a daily collaboration with the architecture students to work on an installation in the Fontainebleau Castle, a Paris trip and visit of Ircam, and the possibility to attend all the concerts, masterclasses and workshops of the festival.

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