Fifteen-Minutes-of-Fame featuring Monica Chew with Clavichord


Submission period

Fri Nov 3 at 05AM UTC

End of submission period

Thu Nov 16 at 03:59AM UTC

Results date

Fri Dec 15 at 05PM UTC

Fifteen-Minutes-of-Fame featuring Monica Chew with Clavichord

Vox Novus is calling for one-minute pieces composed for clavichord. For this Fifteen-Minutes-of-Fame, we are looking for clavichord works specifically written for Monica Chew.

Works should be for written for clavichord. The range is from F1-F6. The lowest octave has an additional set of four-foot strings that vibrate sympathetically. This helps boost the bass range and can introduce wolf sounds when the four-foot strings are out of tune.

The clavichord is fully chromatic and double-strung. Some clavichords are double or triple-fretted, which allows 2 or 3 keys to share the same string (or pair of strings), saving space and tuning time. This means that certain chord clusters may be impossible to play. The clavichord is unfretted and can play in any key.

The clavichord is a quiet instrument and thus unsuited to chamber music. It is about as quiet as an acoustic guitar with an extended pianississimo range.

Selected works will be premiered in February 2024 on Fifteen-Minutes-of-Fame featuring Monica Chew.

This performance will be presented as a live streaming online concert and broadcasted to multiple streaming platforms such as YouTube and Facebook.

Only works one-minute in length for clavichord will be considered.

-Deadline for works is November 15, 2023
-Works are for clavichord solo without electronic accompaniment.
-No works over one minute (60 seconds) will be reviewed.
-Works should be composed specifically for this call and performer.
-All pieces must be premieres.
-Multiple submissions are not accepted.
-Works need to be submitted online at
-You will need to register with Music Avatar for free to submit your work online.
-After logging in to Music Avatar, select the opportunity named "Fifteen-Minutes-of-Fame featuring Monica Chew" and press the "submit" button to start the submission process.
-You will need to provide a maximum 50 word biography and 50 word program notes.
-You will be able to upload a score as a PDF file
-You are also encouraged to upload an audio realization of the work
-Must include the dedication Monica Chew on the score.
-Performance notes should be included in the score.
-Selected works will be broadcasted online to multiple video streaming platforms including Facebook, YouTube, etc. No performance royalties will be paid.
-Selected composers will be asked to sign a consent form for an online performance and archival on streaming platforms. (Composers retain their author rights.)
-Results will be announced via the Fifteen-Minutes-of-Fame website and the Vox Novus mailing list.

Details are available at web pages: