Submission period

Mon Apr 12 at 4 AM UTC

End of submission period

Thu May 13 at 5:59 AM UTC

Results date

Thu May 20 at 4 PM UTC

Entry or Course Fee

Registration fee $10
Ensamble A Tempo and Festival Expresiones Contemporáneas (FEC) are pleased to announce this CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS for composition projects for ensemble, with or without electronics.

1. The call is open to composers of any age and nationality.
2. The composers are welcome to submit a written project, describing the idea and the process of the creation of the work (with or without electronics).
3. The resulting works for the selected projects will be recorded and sent to the composers. The premiere of the works will be recorded in video and audio, and streamed during the third edition of Festival Expresiones Contemporáneas, October 2021.
4. Ensamble A Tempo will be responsible for the selection of the projects.

SUBMISSION FEE: 10.00 dls.

Submission fee through PayPal: $10 USD
Link: https://www.paypal.com/paypalme/EEskeda

OPTION B (Mexican participants only)
Bank account transfer: $200 MXN
CLABE (Standardized Bank Code): 677225043610157945
Bank: Caja Popular Mexicana
Holder: Oscar Enrique Esqueda Pantoja

Please submit a written composition project for the creation of a work for at least 7 of the following instruments, with or without electronics:
- 1 Flute
- 1 Oboe
- 1 Clarinet in Bb
- 1 Bassoon
- 1 Trumpet in Bb
- 1 Piano
- 1 Violin
- 1 Viola
- 1 Violoncello
- 1 Double bass

1. The work must be between 4 and 8 minutes long.
2. The project must be signed under a pseudonym.
3. If the work includes music or text fragments from other author(s), except for those used only as a quote, these fragments must be explicitly written in the score, and the corresponding permits/rights must be accredited. The ensemble will not be held responsible for any copyright infringement: the author of the work will take full responsibility.
4. For mixed media works, the composer must provide the ensemble with any required software and hardware for the rehearsals and the performance of the work.


1. Detailed description of the composition project:
● Project characteristics.
● Project objectives.
○ Please sign under a pseudonym.

2. Commitment letter in which, if selected, the composer agrees to finish the composition in time, and to deliver all the required materials no later than Wednesday, August 11, 2021. The letter must also be signed under the same pseudonym.

1. Submissions will be received by email from the date of the publication of the call, until Wednesday, May 12, 2021, at 23:59 (CST). Please send your proposal tol: ensamble.4.t3mpo@gmail.com, CC to callsfor.fec@gmail.com. The subject for the email must be CONV2021, followed by the pseudonym in capital letters: “CONV2021 PSEUDONYM”. Submissions received later than the established period will not be considered. Incomplete submissions will not be considered.
2. The selected projects will be announced on Wednesday, May 19, 2021. The composers will be notified by email and announced on FEC’s website; further documentation will be required for the final agreement.
3. The composers will be asked to submit an authorization letter for the premiere of the work.
4. Any affair not considered in this call for submissions will be evaluated by the artistic direction of Ensamble A Tempo, as well as Festival Expresiones Contemporáneas (FEC).
5. For more information, please contact us at the following email directions:

Details are available at web pages: