Eficode Audio Branding Competition


Submission period

Tue Aug 31 at 4 AM UTC

End of submission period

Thu Sep 30 at 8:59 PM UTC

Results date

Sun Oct 31 at 5 PM UTC
Are you a composer, or a musician? Maybe you're a pro, or maybe a talented hobbyist. We're a modern tech company and we build the future of software development, with some famous brands on our client list.

Your talent can help us reach new heights. "Adding sound" to our marketing efforts - we call this audio branding - can be a very effective tool. But we may need your talent to make it work.

Enter our online Audio Brand Competition! If your theme song is selected, you win 3500€, and if your jingle is selected, you win 1500€. You can also submit both entries and you can win 5000€! Last but not least, we have a few more prizes from Loupedeck.

The jingle and theme songs must be 100% original and unreleased. No remixes, no copyrighted material or any unlicensed use of third party intellectual property rights.
You can enter as a team or as an individual. The same rules apply, and any prizes will be awarded to the whole team and not individuals.

For the theme song:

-There are no restrictions with the genre. Just ensure that your submission is an original piece and in a supported format. We will provide you our brand guidelines as well as the logo animation and a sample video.
-the duration must be at least 4 minutes. This can be used in the beginning, middle and end of the podcast episode, as a background music in brand video, or as a waiting music in the webinars.

For the jingle, the duration shall be at least 5 seconds to support the Eficode animated logo.
You can enter as many songs as you like in as many categories as you like. You can enter only for Jingle or for theme song or for both.
The supported submission formats are FLAC and WAV.

The jury has the right to select no winner. In this case we might prolong the competition and invite more participants. If the jury can still not decide on a winner we have the right to cancel the competition.

Details are available at web pages: