Contemporary Quartets 2022

Production project


Submission period

Thu Feb 17 at 05AM UTC

End of submission period

Fri Apr 15 at 11:59PM UTC

Results date

Sat Apr 30 at 04PM UTC

Entry or Course Fee

$30 submission fee, $1100 production fee
Composer's Voice is seeking composers willing to produce their string quartets with one of 3 professional string quartets.

Contemporary Quartets Project is creating a new way to produce contemporary String Quartets

Vox Novus in collaboration with Virtual Concert Halls is looking for composers who are interested in supporting a performance and LIVE online video recording of their string quartets. Selected composers will have their string quartet presented on a special Composer's Voice online concert hosted by Virtual Concert Halls and broadcasted LIVE online to at least 3 streaming platforms: Youtube, Facebook, and Vimeo. All performances will be archived on their related platforms.

The submitted scores will be reviewed by the Argus, Lehner Quartet and RUSQUARTET.

The live recorded virtual concert of Lehner Quartet will be broadcasted on May 28 at 2:00 PM.

The live recorded virtual concert of RUSQUARTET will be broadcasted on June 6th.

And the date for the Argus quartet is still to be determined.

In order to present this online publication of their works, composers will be asked to sign and agree to a consent form for online publication and promotion. Agreements will be non-exclusive for all parties.

The deadline to submit scores is April 15, 2022

Composers need to submit their string quartets online to New Music Engine

There is a $30 submission fee to be paid to Vox Novus via PayPal here.

This is a production project. Selected composers will have to contribute a $1100 production fee to cover musician fees and broadcasting costs. Composers will receive 2 online rehearsals (30 minutes each) and performance of your string quartet broadcasted live online to YouTube, Facebook, and Vimeo by Virtual Concert Halls. You will have a video and audio copy your work with non-exclusive rights to do with what you wish. All artists and producers are expected to be credited in publications.

Details are available at web pages: