5th International Composition Competition “Appassionato Ensemble”


Submission period

Mon May 10 at 4 AM UTC

End of submission period

Wed Sep 15 at 9:59 PM UTC

Results date

Sun Oct 31 at 5 PM UTC

Entry or Course Fee

The application fee is € 35 for the first score and € 20 for any following ones
The Cultural Association Associazione Culturale Polifonie announces the 5th International Composition Competition “Appassionato Ensemble” to be held in 2021.

The competition is open to italian and foreign composers of any nationality with no age restriction.

The scores must be composed for the following organic, in any combination from 1 to max 5 performers.
The scores that do not comply with the above rules regarding the number of performers and/ or the instrument(s) will be eliminated.

1 Flute (Flute, Alto G Flute, Bass Flute, Piccolo)
1 Clarinet (Bb Clarinet, A Clarinet, Eb Clarinet, Bb Bass Clarinet)
1 Violin
1 Viola
1 Cello
1 Piano
The composition must have a maximum duration of 15’.
The composition must not have been published or been awarded prizes in other contests before, but it may have already been performed in public.

The application fee is € 35 for the first score and € 20 for any following ones by the same author.

Deadline; September 15, 2021

An International Jury will meet to choose the 5 (five) finalist scores, which will be performed by Appassionato Ensemble on Sunday, December 12, 2021 during the closing evening of the Como Contemporary Festival 2021 – International Festival of Contemporary Music and other Arts. The concert will be open to the public and will be held in the Museo della Seta in Como.

The Jury will be composed by:

Alessandro Solbiati (Italy), President
Mehdi Khayami (Iran)
Umberto Pedraglio (Italy), Artistic Director

The author of the winning score will receive a 1.000 euros cash prize, an audio/video recording made by Appassionato Ensemble, a precious gift produced in cooperation with the famous Como silk textile company Mantero 1902 and the score will be published by EDIZIONI SCONFINARTE.

An attendance fee is provided for foreign composers

Details are available at web pages: